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Cupola Artisan Cheese

Cupola Artisan Cheese

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Cheese Profile

4.5 oz
Cheese: Cupola Artisan
Producer: Red Barn Family Farms
Location: Appleton, WI
Type: Raw cow’s milk
Aged: 3 Years
Style: Raw Milk Cheese
Rind: Rindless
Flesh: Ivory White
Flavor: Fruity and nutty with hints of caramel and
roasted pineapple.
Enjoy as a snack or
appetizer. Great for pastas,
salads and risottos.
Excellent melting qualities.
Pairs especially well with
tropical fruits

Suggestive Pairings: bold red

Christine’s choice pairings: Darioush Caravan Cabernet Sauvignon

History: Red Barn Family Farms from Appleton, Wisconsin started in 2008 and is family-owned and family-operated, which means that the owning family does all of the farm work producing top quality milk to
produce delicious, award winning
cheeses. Their farms milk an average of
just 55 pasture raised cows. Because of their size, Red Barn Family Farms has the ability to know their animals individually by personality and name, therefore able to provide care tailored specifically to their needs. Their high standards and passion for animal health and welfare ensures that they provide high-quality products.   

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