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Birch & Brie



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This soft, fresh cheese is mild with subtle flavors of roasted nuts and butter and sweet dairy tones.

 Producer: Prairie Pure

Location: Belvidere, IL

Type: Holstein cow milk from the Aves Farms, pasteurized

Aged: 1 month

Style: German butter cheese

Rind: Rindless

Flesh: Rich golden yellow, smooth, creamy buttery

Wine Pairing: Chardonnays or sparkling white wines

Christine’s Pairing:  Prosecco 

Weight: 8 oz.

Butterkase, known for its creamy, brick-style cheese. Great for melting or making an amazing grill cheese or mac & cheese. If you’re wondering, you can also buy this cheese at your local Piggly Wiggly.  Pairs well with dry or semi sweet wines

Here is a breakdown of the pronunciation:

  • “Butter”: Pronounced as “boo-ter,” similar to the English word “butter.”
  • “käse”: Pronounced as “kay-zuh,” with the “kay” sounding like the English word “kay” and the “zuh” rhyming with “duh.”

Putting it together, the pronunciation is “boo-ter-kay-zuh.”





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